EXTREME: Can be ordered as of now

Following the great introduction of our new model, the extreme, at the last edition of the IAA in Hanover, a tremendous amount of effort has gone into preparing this trailer for its market launch. The extreme has now been readied for production, extensively trialled and the standard versions and optional features have been defined. The first series of trailers has also been successfully produced as a 0 series.

The extreme is the safe alternative to the large volume scrap tipper. Everything about this moving floor trailer is extreme. The new moving floor trailer, for example, is made of exceptionally wear-resistant steel. This makes it highly suitable for transporting heavily abrasive materials, such as scrap, debris and bulky waste, including car wrecks, bulky construction debris, electric motors and/or engine blocks.

During the development of the extreme, the specialists at Knapen Trailers made well-considered choices regarding each individual detail of the trailer. This is to guarantee trouble-free use in the most extreme areas of application.

Unique to the extreme is the completely self-supporting construction. The moving floor trailer is built on a self-supporting chassis made from High Strength Steel. The extreme has a large cargo capacity and is also over 330 Kg lighter than the alternatives in the market due to the self-supporting construction.

The new moving floor trailer has been designed with steel rear doors and has no rear upper beam. This also allows loading heavy materials through the rear doors. Instead of a protective plate, a new retractable rear light plate was chosen that can be operated by means of the unique Knapen Trailers remote control. All this in order to minimize damage, in other words, to attain the Lowest Cost of Ownership.

Depending on the cargo, the extreme can be equipped with different types of Heavy Duty moving floors. For example, the Cargo Floor XHDI 22/10, the Keith® V18 aluminium walking floor and the Keith® V9 steel walking floor.

With the extreme Knapen Trailers offers a new, very robust and competitive moving floor trailer that is highly suitable for extreme heavy-duty applications.

From now on all information about this new model is available at your dealer. They will be happy to inform you about all the possibilities and benefits of the extreme.


Steel body;
High volume, relatively low own weight;
Fully self-supporting construction;
Steel rear doors;
Straps instead of bars;
No rear upper beam;
Unique Knapen Trailers remote control;
Foldable lighting board;
LED work lighting;
Various types of HD moving floors possible.


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